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Krerk Piromsopa Krerk Piromsopa Krerk Piromsopa

The first Computer Program that I wrote was "Hello World”, which was written when I was 7 years old. It was a BASIC language program on Atari 800XL machine. Everysince I spended a lot of time to write simple interactive Game such as TIC-TAC-TOE for 2 players where I first learned the simple algorithm and data structure. In the age of PC, I've got my first PC when I was about 10 years old. It is an 8088 IBM PC Compatible. At that time, I cracked the DOS command Interpreter System (MS-DOS 3.3) and changed the shell command ( to Thai language. I really enjoy computing.

When I was 13 years old, this was the first time that I knew MODEM as a friend of Mine ( 23 years old guys, Mr. Prajak, the owner of one popular BBS in that time) recommended me to. I liked to online and played around. Six months later, I decided to operate my own BBS and became the System Operator of KP Future Comm BBS. Operating BBS, I met a lot of people, some of them connected to my BBS from other countries such as Italy or England. My system operator position gave me a good chance to write some articles about the computer software such as MicroMacro Batch or Stacker for the popular Computer Magazine (such as Computer Today, Computer Review). During that time, I learned the 8088-80386 Assembly Language, and C Languages as hobbies. After 5 years experience on BBS, I have to quit working as a System Operator in order to concentrate with my courses. (I was in the Pilot Program that took 3 years program (Grade 10-12) with only 2 years.

During my high school, I was promoted to be the President of the Computer Science Club (After the graduation of the former President, my very good senior Mr.Pongtawat Chippimolchai, the IOI'94 Thailand's representative). At that time, I was qualified for the Training Camp of Thailand International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI'95) which open my eyes to the systematic of Data structure, Algorithms, Programming Skilsl. That was the first time that I learn to write the Pascal Language. As a president of the Computer Science Club, I 've to write a software that can handle the Code display for the Inter-School Sport festival (5 Pra Keaw the 4th), which give me a lot of experiences on writing the software for the real world (Not only serving myself as usual) More over, I was also volunteer to serve as an information service officer for the Interact club of the school, the branch of the Rotary club of Bangkok.

After passing the University entrance examination, I became the student in the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University and finally graduated as a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering with only 3 and a half yea on a 4 years program. Supporting myself, my bachelor university life passed by so fast but I also had a good experience as a member of robot contest team organized by the Technology Promoting Association. Unlucky me, The circuit was shorted during the competition. During bachelor I also served to some private organization as a part-time programmer. One worth mentioned here was a part-time programmer for National Education information Network (NEINET) handled by NECTEC. This was my first time programming the web application that interfacing with Database using the ASP. After the graduation, I applied for the Master of Computer Engineering Program. My Master Thesis is the idea of Internet Appliance.(I've dreamed of this type of lifestyle and working as a hobby for about 3 years before I decided to create this THESIS) As a result, I've graduated as a Master of Computer Engineering with Excellent Thesis. While studing for the Master Degree, I served as the Research Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Adjuncted Lecturer, Network Engineering and System Engineering to various Hardware and Software Projects.

Thank you to my very good teacher, Assistant Prof. Boonchai sowannawanichakul, who always looks after me and gives me good advices. He is not only my senior project advisor but also my master thesis advisor. With his support, I have a chance to be an adjuncted Lecturer at private university since I was 20 (after got my bachelor.) At University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, I served as an adjuncted Lecturer of various coureses such as Operating System, Logic Design and Computer Architecture. I also served as an adjucted Lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (teaching Microprocessor Interface Lab) for 1 year before bacame a full-time Lecturer. The subject I taught at Chulalongkorn University are Microprocessor Interface Lab, Digital Computer Logic Lab, Microcomputer system design, and computer network (with Dr. Natawut Nuipairoj). During that period, I together with my senior, C. Aporntewan, joined the IC contest 2002 competition. My verilog design of Non-restoring square root unit was the fastest in the contest and won the 2nd prize. This work also published in ISCIT'2002. I not only taught, but also served as a Computer and Network Administrator. I have created some scripts and web based admin tools which are still using for the day.

In 2003, I was awarded a scholarship from the Royal Thai Government to pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Michigan State University. I was quite fortunate to work with Prof. Dr. Richard J. Enbody. Together with Dr. Enbody, we invented Secure Bit, a transparently hardware solution against buffer-overflow attacks. A computur with this hardware is protected from most viruses and worms. At Michigan State University, I also served as a research assistant for several projects. (Pileus, Isafety, etc). In December 2006, I was awarded a Ph.D. in Computer Science along with 2 patents pending.

January 2008

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