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To test Secure Bit2, you need Secure bit2 enabled BOCHS binary and the evaluation disk image. In this page, we provide Linux I386 and win32 binaries. For other plaform, please compile it yourself.

Feel free to contact us for any comment (or question).

Secure Bit 2 enabled BOCHS Emulator

Description Size Download
BOCHS emulator


5,325 KB download

Linux Image

Description Size Download


79,600 KB download

200 Mb disk image which contains:

  • Secure Bit2 enabled Linux Kernel 2.2.14
  • Sun J2SDK 1.1.4
  • Buffer-overflow test-suite
  • etc (Minimal installation of Red Hat 6.2)
  • BUG fixed kernel. (I put the wrong kernel previously.)


Update: November 23, 2007