Current Students under my supervision
PhD students (Date of admission)

Master of Engineering (Date of admission)
Master students (Date of admission)
Status: Regular MS students - Thesis title and proposal
  • Nattapon Rakthong (MSSE - 2/2018) Decreasing Downtime of Applications of Edge Computing
    Status: Part-time MS students - Thesis title and proposal

    Undergraduate students

    Graduated Students under my supervision and their Thesis
    Year 2020
  • Nuttapol Kengpunparnich (MSSE - 1/2018) Automatic Requirements Elicitatoin from Social Media
  • Photjanat Janvattanavong (MSSE - 2/2016) - Software Remodularization Using Tabu Search
    Year 2019
  • Bunyachai Chantian (MSCS - 1/2017) - Extract-Package Refactoring using Community Detection
  • Ketkaew Sanguanpoa (MSSE - 1/2017) - Checking Completeness of Software Requirements Using Domain Ontology and Topic Modelling
    Year 2018
  • Panthip Pooput (MSSE - 2/2016) - Predicting Code Review Results in Open Source Projects on GitHub
  • Year 2017
  • Sharif Densumite (MSSE 1/2013) - Software Effort Estimation using Activity Point
  • Kittiya Srewuttanapitikul (MSSE-sat 1/2013) - Prioritizing Software Maintenance Plan by Analyzing User Feedback
  • Sutthikan Naowarat (MSSE-sat 1/2013) - Detection of Stored Procedure Bad Smells
  • Chanyapatch Jantarachit (MSSE-sat 1/2013) - Risk Assessment for Decision Making on Software Development

  • Year 2016
  • Pawin Youpoung (MSSE 1/2013) - Time Estimation for Fault Reparation in Software Maintenance Phase

  • Year 2015
  • Sasipat Boonkwan (MSSE-sat 1/2012) - Identification of Opportunities for Move Method Refactoring Using Decision Theory
  • Sitthipon Limchaichada (MSSE 1/2011) - Identifying Common Asset Candidates In Software Product Line by Comparing Path of Software Testing
  • Krittika Tipyodsree (MSSE 1/2011) - A Feature-Oriented Traceability for Sofrware Product Line Evolution by Vector Space Machine
  • Year 2014
  • Ratapong Wongpiang (MSCS-Sat 1/2011) Ordering Refactoring Usage for Code Changing Using Object-Oriented Metrics and Greedy Algorithm
  • Phayao Boonon (MSSE-Sat 1/2010) - An Approach to Clustering Feature Model Based on Adaptive Behavior for Dynamic Software Product Line
  • Year 2013
  • Alisa Sangpuwong (MSSE 1/2011) - Estimating Stability of Software Design in Incremental Development
  • Nattha Yaowaratanaprasert (MSSE-Sat 2/2009 - Design and Development of an Approach for Flaws Detecting in Software Design Model using Graph Diagram and Tree Diagram
  • Sutthirak Sangchun (MSCS-Sat 1/2009) - Searching Thailand Biodiversity with Object-Oriented Database and Ontology
  • Jaroenwut Jangbumrung (MSSE-Sat-Plan B 2/2009), "Design and Development a Visualization Tool of Interactive Voice Response System"
  • Year 2012
  • Kamthon Chawanavase (MSSE 1/2008) A Feature-Oriented Traceability Framework for Software Product Line Evolution
  • Tanit Reantragoon (MSSE 1/2008) Identifying Common Assets for Software Product Line using Code Clone Method
  • Sathaporn Sa-ngounwong (MSCS-Sat 1/2009) - Runtime Detection of Software Modification
  • Sakorn Mekruksavanich (PhD-2/2005) - Using Declarative Meta Programming for Design Flaws Detection in Object-Oriented Software
  • Year 2011
  • Parat Supongpan (MSSE 1/2007) XSnippet: Mining for Object Usage Pattern
  • Nakarin Maneerat (MSCS-night 1/2008) Bad-smell Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Matinee Kiewkanya (PhD-2/2001) - Measuring Object-Oriented Software Maintainability in Design Phase using Structural Complexity and Aesthetic Metrics
  • Year 2010
  • Dith Nimol (IMIT-KMUTNB 2008) - Estimating Software Logical Stability using ANN from Class diagram and Sequence diagram
  • Year 2008
  • Khunti Yeesoon (MSSE plan A 1/2005) - Design and Development of a Tool for Detecting Bad-Smell in Java Program
  • Chalita Chewaviriyanon (MSCS 1/2006) - Analogy-Based Logical Stability Estimation from Class and Sequence Diagrams
  • Nonthasak Janchum (MSCS 1/2006) Functional Verification for Composite Model of Stream-Bases Design with Model Checking
    Year 2007
  • Mathupayas Thongmak (PhD-1/2003)- Using Design Principle Violation Check Definitions for Evaluating Aspect-Oriented Software Maintainability
  • Atiroj Surbwonglay (MSCS-night 1/2004) - Development of a Framework for Optimizing Object-Oriented Design Model
  • Naruchit Dumrongviteetham (MSCS-night 1/2004) - Improving Adaptive Object Model with Unit Model
  • Komsan Srivisut (MENG-2/2003) - Bad-smell Metrics for Aspect-Oriented Software

  • Year 2006 
  • Supawath Rangsiyawath (MSSE plan A 2003) - Estimating Software Logical Stability from UML Class and Sequence Diagrams
  • Jarawee Sirijangkapanich (MSSE plan B 1/2005) - A Design and Development Software for Payment of Remuneration to Marketing Officers, A Case Study: Trinity Securities Group
  • Tanyawat Chanpia (MSCS-night 1/2004) - Defects Detection at Design Phase for Improving Object-Oriented Software Modifiability
  • Sayphin Taweesri (MSCS-night 1/2004) - Establishment of Requirements Traceability Using Term Similarity Computation

  • Year 2004 
  • Thisana Pienlert (MSCS-1/2002) - Bad-Smell Detection for Refactoring Using Object-Oriented Software Metrics
  • Panita Meananet (MSSE plan A 1/2003) - Threshold of Object-Oriented Software Metrics for Detecting Bad Smells Code
  • Teeradej Ton (MSSE plan A 1/2002) - Using Object-Oriented Software Metrics to Predict Method Stability
  • Tawatchai Boonyaritkit(MSCS-2001) - Object-Oriented Application Framework for Developing Relational Database Application

  • Year 2003 
  • Nongyao Jindasawat (MSCS 1/2001): Predicting software maintainability using UML-based object-oriented analysis design metrics
  • Chatchawee Tangsayan (MSSE plan A 1/2002): Transformation of multiple sequence diagram into operation-level behavior of Java code
  • Maytawee Daengpeng (MSCS): Design and development of a software tool for measuring reusability of Java programs
  • Pimolrat Aunsrimeang (MSSE plan B 1/2002): Usage of requirements management discipline of RUP towards CMM level 2 in software requirements management

  • Year 2002 
  • Suwich Tirakoat (MSCS): Verification systems for Structural Active Object Systems
  • Fukiat Julnual (MSCS): Design and development of basic components and an approach for website implementation
  • Kirapak Wichiankij (MSCS): Design and Development of Software Components using JavaBean
  • Mathupayas Thongmak (MSCS): Design of Rules for Transforming UML Sequence Diagram into Java Code
  • Somsak Phattarasukol (MENG): Applying hierarchical clustering method for identifying possible software objects in a structural C source program

  • Year 2001 
  • Sompop Talsorn (MSCS): Design and Implementation of Object-Oriented Function Point Tool
  • Wuttipong Ruenthong (MSCS): Extension of UML Statechart Diagrams for a Structural Active-Object System

  • Year 2000 
  • Niwet Jaratdamrong (MSCS): Design and development of a framework for constructing object-oriented programs with design patterns
  • Somwang Tang (MSCS): Design and implementation of a measurement tool for object-oriented programs
  • Chanvit Sintoppun (MSCS): A Design and Development of Object-Oriented Software Components for Descriptive Statistics and Linear Regression Analysis

  • Year 1999 
  • Chanporn Lappayaporn (MSCS): A Development of an Editor for Visually Specifying the Behavior of Active Objects

  • Undergraduate Students under my supervision and their senior projects

    Year 2019
  • Pimta Viriyaroj, "iOS Application for Restaurant"
  • Year 2013
  • Thanadee Wangrotjanarat, "Divergent Change Detection and Refactoring"
  • Karucha Sripramote ¡ت ջ, "Software Product Line Composition for Mobile Application"
  • Year 2012
  • Chaowalit Bunyasaksaree and Chaisiri ͧ, "Self-Adaptive Software Development Based on Number of Webpage Requests
    Year 2011
  • ҷ ѳѭ and Radit Panjapiyakul, Database Benchmarking
    Year 2009
  • Thanaphon Chiraarun, Sittichok Sangkrairungroge and Pakorn Ngammanussiri 2009 - Design Heuristics for Maintainability of Object-Oriented Software
    Year 2006 
  • Kasidith Tohsa-nguan Դ ʧǹ and Gonggij Chantivijuikul ͧԨ ѹԨ¡(2549) Design Heuristics for Software Structural Complexity Improvement

  • Year 2004 
  • Warakorn Ungvichian - Generating Web-based Forms from Database Schema

  • Year 2003 
  • Wichaya Chao, Verawat Kitjakarnlertudom and Sucharee Sanghan - Implementing Object-Oriented Program with Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • Yod Chinsupakul, Worawee Sattayavinij and Theerapab Chirasakyakul - ʹ Թѡ ѵԹԨ Ҿ ѡ¡ - Generating Java Code from UML Class Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams and Statechart Diagrams

  • Year 2002 
  • Ԩӹ ԵԾѹ ҹ ԷԪ آԭ§ - Assessment of Understandability in Object- Oriented Analysis and Design Model
  • Thiti Sunthornkachit and Decha Preechawuttidech - Prediction of Faulty Classes using Object-Oriented Design Metrics
  • Kaewritkrib Viriyawatthana and Chalongkrung Wacharintranon - Software Metrics for Large Database Application
  • Ruklay Pousajja, Teeravit Pobsukhirun and Sompob Lorruengsin - Assessment of Modifiability of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

  • Year 2001 
  • Chaiwat Sathawornwichit ªѲ ʶԨԵ - Assessing the Reusability of Object-Oriented Software from UML Models
  • Sherdpong Dejthanasunthorn and Poramet Sangpongpaew Դ പع ʧͧ - Predicting Size of Object-Oriented Software Using UML-based Analysis Models
  • Somphop Sukhotanang and Adirake Pimruang - Studying of Coupling and Cohesion Metrics from UML-based Analysis and Design Models

  • Year 2000 
    Year 1999 
  • Kwanthida Louchai and Pimjana Kwanpraekaew - Reverse Engineering of Java Programs with UML

  • Year 1998 
  • Thana Nitayarerk - Design and Implementation of Visualization Tool for Java Program Understandability
  • Kittisak Peungpunyadee, Thomsun Sriburadej and Tossapol Piboonkiatikul - Design and Implementation of a Prototype Tool for Software (Components) Composition