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Collaborative Project between Stock Exchange of Thailand and Chulalongkorn University

Networking technology has become the main development of the current computing trends. With faster and cheaper networks, new applications have been designed and developed toward distributed-computing paradigm in order to support complex requirements and the needs to share and utilize the existing resources effectively. In addition, the ease of maintenance requires the design and development of a computer application to be based on the object-oriented approach. For distributed application development, however, several factors such as security, scalability, fault-tolerance, and robustness, must be seriously taken into consideration as the system must support large numbers of users simultaneously both locally and remotely.

The main objective of this project is to study the design and development of large-scale distributed application using the object-oriented approach while taking the factors that are critical to distributed system into consideration. To ensure that our researches are practical, we study the systems and applications of Stock Exchange of Thailand, which are large-scale and distributing-oriented by nature. The topics of this study include:

  • Service-based application architecture.
  • Generic model for real-time information dissemination.
  • Standard notations for distributed object-oriented design.
  • Enterprise wide distributed security paradigm.




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