Nongluk Covavisaruch
My Current Research Students (as of 2546 B.E.):
Mr.Sarun Ketsrimek M.S. Program Optical Braille Recognition
Mr.Nakharin Tangkhapipope M.S. Program An Improvement of Automatic Alignment of Planar Mosaic Image by Using Color and Edge Features
Mr.Chetsada Saengpanit M.S. Program Automatic Time Detection and Recognition of Digital Clock in Video Images
Mr.Somnuk Rangsiwong M.S. Program Surface Area Determination of Human Arm's Skin From Photo Images
Mr.Sakpod Tongleamnak M.S. Program Design and Development of Software Components for Medical Volume Visualization
Mr.Pipat Prateepamornkul M.Eng. Program Biometrics
Mr.Suraphan Ponram M.Eng. Program Biometrics
Ms.Pattraporn Ariyapreedhakul M.Eng. Program Biometrics
Miss Piyanart & Mr. Puripant B. Eng. Program
Mr. Sunthawat & Mr. Ekkhapon Siripun B. Eng. Program

CGCI Alumni

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Moom and Ple
Graduate(B.E.)/ Name, Topic
2546/M.S. Mr.Jedsada Chin-anuparb, "Design and Development of a Visual Digital Image Processing Tool"
2546/M.S. Mr.Kamthon Simmami, "Computer Aided Distal Locking Guidance of Intramedullary Nail by X-ray Image Analysis"
2546/M.S. (Quitted) Ms.Chanitsada Bhatthranidhima, "Computer Aided Pre-printed Form Filling"
2546/B.Eng. Ms. Nalinee Apiluckpanich & Ms. Sarochinee Paweenawat, "A Brain MR Image Segmentation Program"
2546/B.Eng. Ms. Wanpen Seriburi & Ms. Nantanuch Hautavanija, "Program Development for 3D Brain Reconstruction from MR Images"
2545/M.Eng. Mr. Chartchakun Paiboolsirikul, "Color Image Retrievel by Subimage Query"
2546/M.Eng. (Quitted) Mr. Rattapoom Waranusast, "A Digital Image Processing Approach to Measure Red Blood Cell Velocity for Calculating Hydraulic Conductivity in Modified Landis Technique "
2545/B.Eng. Mr. Worapoj Thanpatarakul, "Development of Software Components and Library Function for Image Mosaicing"
2545/B.Eng. Mr. Kitisak Bumrungpun, "Development of Software Components and Library Function for Image Cross Stitch Map"
2544/M.S. Ms. Piyachat Dhanaraks, "An Approach to Automatically Align Planar Mosaic Image by Using Color and Edge Features"
2544/M.Eng. Ms. Nantana Tinroongroj, "An Image Segmentation Validation with Multiple Image Feature Approach"
2544/M.S. Ms. Ureerat Watanachon, "A Design and Development of Program for Measuring Vascular Wall Structure"
2544/M.S. Ms. Supapon Bunrit, "Determination of Erythrocyte's Surface Shape from SEM Images Using Shape From Shading Technique"
2544/B.Eng. Mr. Chaoyoot Khajornsakwonwai & Ms. Chutimar Kasemkornkit, "Constructing 3D Images from 2D Image Set"
2543/M.Eng. Mr. Thotsaphon Thanatipanonda, "A Digital Image Processing Approach for MRI Brain Segmentation by Deformable Contour Technique"
2543/B.Eng. Ms. Warisnee Seearamrungrueng& Mr. Chatchawan Chansmorn, "Reading and Examining Multiple Choice Answersheet from Their Scanned Images"
2543/B.Eng. Mr. Kampanart Suntornpakasit & Mr. Nattapon Prapasirikul, "Information and Supporting System for Computer Engineering Senior Project Management"
2543/B.Eng. Mr. Attavit Ansvanonda, "Engineering Practice Information System Project"
2542/M.S. Mr. Panusak Eakareesak, "Development of Automatic Segmentation of MRI Brain Images"
2542/M.S. Mr. Visarut Comesongsri, "Development of Map Viewer Program"
2542/B.Eng. Mr. Rittikiat Watanasundaporn & Mr. Munkong Chaivanitsiri, "PhotoMosaic"
2542/B.Eng. Ms. Nantana Tinroongroj & Mr. Racha Rojanatreekoon, "Image Conversion to Print-out Code for Image Displayed By a Large Group of Audience in a Stadium - Phase 2. (A Program to Convert Images to Codes for Sports Stadium Activities - Phase 2)"
2541/M.S. Ms. Peeriya Ramkomut, "Design and Development of an Information System for Faculty-level Graduate Studies at Chulalongkorn University Using the SSADM Method"
2541/B.Eng. Mr. Thotsaphon Thanatipanonda & Mr. Thuntich Treesrisak, "Image Conversion to Print-out Code for Image Displayed By a Large Group of Audience in a Stadium - Phase 1"
2541/B.Eng. Mr. Visit Wongvilaivarin, "Study of Data Preparation for Document Images"
2541/B.Eng. Mr. Krisana Jiampoonsup & Mr. Kongkiat Weeraarchakul, "Digital Image Processing Tools"
2540/B.Eng. Ms. Renu Poonsatta, "Color Picture to Cross-Stitch Transforming Program"
2540/B.Eng. Mr. Prapan Koraneekij, "Picture to Monochrome Cross-Stitch Transforming Program"
2539/M.S. Ms. Somjit Klabsaeng, "Color Management Tools"
2539/M.S. Mr. Pirawich Soontornsiri, "Study of PHIGS by SunPHIGS for Developing 3-D Modeling Program"
2539/M.S. Ms. Kitima Makaew, "Raster-to-vector Conversion for Graphic Primitives"
2539/M.S. Mr. Nimit Jundoung, "A Scanner-based Multiple-choice Mark Recognition system"
2539/B.Eng. Mr. Withan Chuacharoensiri, "HTML editor"
2538/M.Eng. Mr. Pradit Pinyopasakul, "Color Image Input Using a Black-and-white Image Input Device"
2538/B.Eng. Mr. Pansak Tekasakul, "A Program to Compose 3-D Wirefram Model from Top-, Front-, and Side-view Wire-frame Drawings"
2537/M.S. Ms. Srisuda Jaruke, "Basic Digital Image Enhancement and Tools"
2537/B.Eng. Mr. Peeratorn Aungpakorn, "Digital Image Processing and Computer Graphics Laboratory Setup"
253x/B.Eng. Mr. Nattawut Maneenai, "Hospital Electronic Map"
2536/B.Eng. Mr. Pradit Pinyopasakul, "Getting Color Image Using Black and White Scanner"
2536/M.S. Mr. Passakon Prathombutr, "Image Compression Using Transform Coding with Quadtree Technique"
2535/B.Eng. Mr. Anuchit Weerawuttiwong & Mr. Burawat Stapatayawong, "2D Image Jigsaw"
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