Peerapon Vateekul, Ph.D.

Lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University.

Contact Information

Location: Bangkok, 10330

Work Phone: +662-218-6989
Fax: +662-218-6955

Data Mining Group

Machine Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery Lab (MIND Lab)

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Research Expertise

  • Machine Learning/Data Mining
    Classification: Multi-Label Classification and Hierarchical Classification
  • Data Quality Management
    Missing Value Imputation, Anomaly Detection
  • Applied Data Mining in Healthcare and Hydrological Application
    EEG-Based Emotion Prediction, Medical Diagnosis On Movement Disorder Using Gait Data
  • Big Data Analysis
    Analysis on Twitter Data & Clickstream Data


Degrees Schools / University Faculty Major Subject Period (Year to Year)
Ph.D. University of Miami School of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering 2007-2012
M.Eng. Kasetsart Universtiy Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering 2002-2004
B.Eng. Kasetsart Universtiy Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering 1998-2002

Recognized Awards

  • Year 2005: The Royal Thai Government Scholarship for Doctoral Degree in Computer Engineering with Specialization in Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Year 2014: Thailand Research Fund (TRF) (Accepted on 2014/03/28)

Publications for International Journals

  1. S. Dendamrongvit, P. Vateekul, and M. Kubat, “Irrelevant Features and Imbalanced Classes in Multi-label Text-Categorization Domains, “Intelligent Data Analysis. 15 (2011), 843–859.
  2. P. Vateekul, S. Dendamrongvit, and M. Kubat , “Improving SVM Performance in Multi-Label Domains: Threshold Adjustment,“International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools. 22 (2013).
  3. P. Vateekul, M. Kubat, and K. Sarinnapakorn, “Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification: a Case Study in Gene Function Prediction,” Intelligent Data Analysis. 18 (2014) (Accepted on March 1, 2013).


  1. P. Vateekul and A. Rungsawang, “DWORM: Distributed Text Retrieval Prototype on Grid Computing Environment”, In the 4th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technology (Sapporo, Japan, 2004), 222-227.
  2. P. Vateekul and M. L. Shyu, “A Conflict-Based Confidence Measure for Associative Classification,” In the Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., 2008), 256-261.
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  4. P. Vateekul and M. Kubat, “Fast Induction of Multiple Decision Trees in Text Categorization From Large Scale, Imbalanced, and Multi-label Data,” In the Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (Miami, Florida, U.S.A., 2009), 321-325.
  5. R. Thanasoontorn, S. Saran, P. Maleehuan, P. Kanongchaiyos, P. Vateekul and et al., “Kinect-based Gait Capture and Analysis System,” In 5th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Information and Communications Technology (Manila Philippines, 2012)
  6. R. Thanasoontorn, P. Vateekul, P. Kanongchaiyos and et al., “Tree Induction for Diagnosis on Movement Disorders Using Gait Data,” In 5th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology (Chonburi, Thailand, 2013), 47-52.
  7. P. Markpeng, P. Wongnimmarn, N. Champreeda, P. Vateekul, and K. Sarinnapakorn, “Controlling Quality of Water-Level Data in Thailand,” In 6th Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems (Bangkok, Thailand, 2014), 503-512.
  8. T. Ananpiriyakul, P. Poomsirivilai, P. Vateekul, “An Implementation of Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification System,” In 4th IEEE Thailand Student Conference on Senior Capstone Project (IEEE Thailand SCAP 2014) (Chonburi, Thailand, March 28, 2014).
  9. T. Ananpiriyakul, P. Poomsirivilai, P. Vateekul, “Label Correction Strategy on Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification,” 10th International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining MLDM 2014 (Accepted on March 22, 2014).


2110215 Programming Methodology I
2110251 Digital Computer Logic
2110263 Digital Computer Logic Laboratory I
2110497 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence


Current Students

  • Natchanon Phachongkitphiphat (Nat)
    M.Eng.: Computer Engineering (CM)
    Expected Graduation: 2015
  • Suthipong Daengduang (Top)
    M.Eng.: Computer Science (CS)
  • Teerawit Choeikiwong (Beam)
    M.S.: Software Engineering (SE)
    Expected Graduation: 2015
  • Tanawat Limungkura (Mum)
    M.Eng.: Computer Science (CS)
B.Eng.: Computer Engineering (CP)
Expected Graduation: 2015
  • Kankawin Kowsrihawat (K)
  • Nuttapon Pattanavijit (Nut)
  • Vibhavee Trairattanapa (Vee)
  • Panida Nimnual (Chompoo)
  • Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn (Tui)

Former Students

  • Thanawut Ananpiriyakul (2014)
  • Piyapan Poomsirivilai (2014)
  • Pattarasai Markpeng (2014)
  • Piraya Wongnimmarn (2014)
  • Nattarat Champreeda (2014)