Internet of Things

A part of Big Data lecture, first semester 2016

Prabhas Chongstitvatana

contact me: 
    office  Engineering building 4, floor 18, room 13;
    tel 022186982; 
    prabhas at chula dot ac dot th

This is a four weeks lecture. 
1) What is IoT?  general discussion, safety concern
     Internet of Things: Connected World,  invited talk at Exxon Applications Conference, Bangkok, 9th October, 2015.
     Singapore plans to be the first smart city
     KUKA system created a connected factory  (youtube)
     Hackers can hijack IoT gadget   iotworm.pdf  (7Mbytes)
2) Embedded System:  IoT, wire and wireless connection
     introduction to embedded systems
     microprocessor    cost of processors   
3) Doing the IoT,  practice
     Low power programming
          S2.1  processor
          Rz language
4) Discuss the project
     Bonus:  the power of emulation:  Retro programming
     or  how to run two concurrent processes with interrupt


Please use the latest update       Rz compiler, s2.1 assembler, simulator package  (rz, asm, sim)       update 14 Nov 2016       update 19 Nov 2016       fix multiple interrupt   21 Nov 2016

Recommended free C compiler for Windows lcc-win32 . (for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).  Please also download and install "User Manual". You need it to look up the library function of this C.


Schedule:    presentation   Sat 26 Nov 2016 (and it is the final class), hand-in your report before midnight  Sat 4 Dec 2016.  I will score them immediately.

last update 26 nov 2016