CPU 1001 Simulator

structure of CPU 1001
This is a tool aiming to explain to general public how a processor works.  The tool accompanied the article in a newspaper. The story is published in Daily News column 1001 in October 2014.  The article in Thai language is divided into two parts for a weekly consumption (I also wrote it in English, see the link below).   I will update this page from time to time to refresh my general idea how to write for public service.

Thai article in Daily News:   1st part ( pdf ),    2nd part  ( pdf )
How CPU 1001 works?
Table of instructions
Detailed explanation of the whole instruction of CPU 1001 (including examples)

Here is a simple example for you to try.  Copy and Paste the following code into input box.  The click "run". It will run single-step.

The program is
    mvi 10     ; move constant 10 to ac
    put r1     ; store ac to r1  
    mvi 20     ; move 20 to ac
    put r2     ; store ac to r2
    mov r1     ; move r1 to ac
    add r2     ; add ac with r2
    put r3     ; store to r3

Input machine code


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