Threaded Language

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This page contains all sources and data in the experiment reported in the paper "Threaded Language as a form of Partial Evaluator" submitted to NCSEC 2007 for a review. 

The machine code used in the experiment is based on s-code virtual machine (Som v 2.4).  The TL interpreter is written in this machine language.  I wrote a very simple assembler for it, zero-assembler.  The assembler includes a routine "gensym.c" to generate "symbol table" for Threaded language interpreter to facilitate the experiment.

The tools are:  zero-assembler, s-code virtual machine.
The source of TL : 
version 1 a basic evaluator
version 2 with higher order functions extension
version 3 with local variables extension
version 4 with partial evaluation

last update 11 September 2007