Here is the errata list for Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java, by Mark Allen Weiss. Some of the errors affect the source code; updates to the code are done automatically.

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Second printing

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02/19/99  016  DM   In Figure 1.11, the return type of compareTo should be int.
02/19/99  046  DM   Footnote: the BigInteger class does arbitrary integers.
                    (BigDecimal does arbitrary decimals).
03/27/99  141  DH   Line 14, item 5, change "L children" to L "data items"
04/06/99  142  DH   Line 15, change "first level could " to "next level could"
02/19/99  151  DM   In Exercise 4.51, mention that N is the number of nodes.
02/19/99  179  DM   In Exercise 5.11 preamble, change the last false to true.
04/17/99  253  KQ   Remove "insertion" from caption in Figure 7.17.
01/07/99  520  MAW  The Collections API has some minor changes from the Beta. In
                    Figure B.3, line 14, use entrySet instead of entries.
                    Page 518, Section B.5.2, requires a similar change.

First printing

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10/01/98  115  AEM  In the two-children case, the recursive call to
                    remove should have t->element as a parameter instead of x.
10/01/98  422  MAW  Change D_t to d_t in Figure 10.79.
11/07/98  457  MAW  Insert four spaces before the } on the last line of code.


AEM  Alvaro E. Monge
DH   Dennis Hamilton
DM   Dylan McNamee
KQ   Ke Qiu

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