FFXI diary (July-Sep2005)

I, Elfrana, met Kevanerot, a black mage Tarutaru J and his friend, Benediktus. And we went north to search for the monument of a brave soldier regarding a request I got from a man named Eiki, who was too old to visit his grandfather’s monument. We didn’t find the monument, however. Instead, we find ourselves inside Palborough Mine in Noth Gustaburg. The mine is full of Quadav tribesmen, who attacked us on sight. We managed to survived for a while. Eventually, Kev got hit in the head and fell to the ground unconscious. He was teleported back to the town. I and Benediktus got some help from 2 Elvann adventurers. We survived and made our way back to town successfully. We met Kev there and Ben and Kev went shopping. I was tired, however, and bid farewell to them to go back home to sleep.

·        I and Ben fighting a Quadav in the mine.


SunBreeze festival in VanaDeil, lots of celebration. The festival started about the same time as Kao-Pun-Sa. I was going to go out again at about midnight, when I heard someone shouting “Help!! The goblins are out mugging people! He stole my pants!”  I decided to go back into the house and went to bed. The goblins are very strong and I’d be killing myself facing them.

·        Me and the fireworks.


I saw 2 kids playing tag in the market square. They were so cute so I asked them to take a picture with me. However, when they took off their hats, they transformed into 2 very muscular men. In fact, they were already grown men. They used transforming hats just to play around like kids.


This is me , close up.


I fought a Quadav on the road, now I am very good at using an axe. My dodging skill also improves.


I promised a friend who worked at MetalWorks that I’d cook Galkan Sausages for him. I had to go out an kill some sheep to get some sheep meat needed as ingredients.


 Me, next to a fire


Flowers in my room.


Me, in a new scale mail outfit, with my moogle. And here is a close-up.


I am good at fighting Quadav now. Here I killed one on a beautiful night.


I tried to get some water from a waterfall, but it was too far away. I couldn’t get close because of the cliff. I ended up fighting a wolf and taking its skin for sale. Rather disappointing though because the skin only worth 100 gil.

October 2005

I saw many people using healing magic. So I thought it'd be cool to be able to cast spells too. So I started learning white magic.I bought some new clothes (they helped magic users, they said) and went out experimenting with monsters outside Gustaburg walls. It was rather difficult fighting dressing like that. I think the robe suits me though. Here is my front view with this new robe.

But it was boring as hell. I realized I loved fighting monsters head-on. So I changed back into my usual gear.


Today the weather was very warm, but cloudy. Before I went out of town, I stopped at an airship port. It was a breathtaking sight to behold. I saw a ship landing at the port.


I explored hills in North Gustaburg and stumbled upon a monument for Palborough pioneers. I remembered Eiki asking me to lay a bouquet of flowers for his grandfather. I did so.  I paid respect to the fallens and stood there for some time.


Here, I found a goblin who does not attack human on sight. Very strange. I believed that it was because he knew I was stronger than him. I took photos with him.

A Tarutaru guy (his name was Mfactory. I will meet him several times during my travel from this point on) was sitting in a middle of nowhere. I went to ask him if he needed any help, but he could not speak english. Another guy also came to offer Mfactory help. I ended up talking to him. His name was Moemoney (I believed it reads Mo-mo-nay, I'll call him Moe.). He was an expert treasure hunter. He offered me help in retrieving Quadav's treasures from Palborough mines (my mission from the Republic). We went there and once we were at a certain depth, he ordered me to stand still. He ran into a cave and then ran back out, followed by around 10 Quadavs. I was shocked! He told me to stand still and watch. I was afraid he'd be in grave danger, but I was too shocked to move. It turned out to be a good thing. If I joined the battle, I would have been killed. The Quadavs seemed to ignore me and fought only Moe. Perhaps he did something to their eyes.

Moe then shouted, "Watch this!". I saw some green energy surrounding the Quadavs. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew out from him, and all the Quadavs fell to the ground, dead. That was awesome!  

He led me to a boat platform out of the mine. He fought other groups of Quadavs, until he found a treasure I wanted.

I thanked him and we waved goodbye before splitting up. We took the boat back to Bastok. Moe went off to Seruun mines while I went to sell Quadav backplates at the auction house and handed in Quadav treasures to the guards. I got promoted to rank 2.

To sum up, a fascinating day :)

I met and talked to Faustin before going back home.

But my flowers are dead!! .. yeah.. I did't water them for 2 weeks...


Dirty goblin fisher threw poison at me. I was thinking of taking a photo with him since he did not attack me. But he suddenly jumped on me! I disposed of him quickly though.

A new sword. Rather heavy though +_+

I and Elcee cooked Galkan sausages today. Goblins came at us from time to time but we managed to defeat them all. 

Elcee was a skilled archer. Her first hit always kill. I didn't capture the moments though.


A circus was in Bastok today. I watched knives juggling and flame-eating.

I was hit hard by a Quadav in Palborough mine. I tried to use an instant warp scroll to teleport home. But I was killed while teleporting. So I ended up dead in front of my house in Bastok. Luckily there were many people on the road and one of them knew a resurrection spell :).

Here's my new brass cap. It's stronger than a normal brass cap.


I met Moe again. Earlier, I got lost in Dangruf Wadi. So Moe told me about a person who had the map of the place. I met him

and finally obtained the map.


I then played  "trick or treat" with a ghost in town. I gave sweets to a ghost, and he transformed me to a monster (but I couldn't do anything but walked around).  If a ghost loved the kind of sweet I gave him, he would give me a haloween item.

I was transformed into a skeleton :P   in my first try.

A ghost, in my second try. (yes, a ghost looking for a party :P)

I went out of town for a while to collect a faded crystal for research. At the crystal location, I found a chocobo for rent. It's the first time I've seen a chocobo this close.

Before going back to Bastok, I tried my hand on my new bow.  


In town (still with Haloween festival), I met two new friends, Sirtidus and Valcotha. We set out to transform into as many monsters as possible and took photos.

Here is me with the two guys (I'm in the middle!)

Here is me (in my human form :P) with the two guys. Tidus was carry a haloween staff, an item that allows its user to warp to his/her homepoint, very handy.

Three of us transformed and took photos hehehe :D

With Val as a birdman :)

Tidus tried to transform again too. I couldn't transform because I couldn't catch up with the ghosts. I was afraid that they would turn back to normal so we took photos without me transforming.

Here is me (pumpkin hat) and Val as a big bad wolf :).

I and Val then changed to Quadavs and we tried to set a scene of Quadavs stabbing each other.

One for all, all for one.

With Val, before we went home.

Close up on pumpkin hat :P

I am a Trollllllllll hohoho!