Introduction to Robotics

/* password for all zip files are given in the class

(i)            For historical introduction, check out my old slides and lecture notes: 1 2

(ii)        More on DARPA challenge follows this link

(iii)    More on robots for mars exploration follows this link

(iv)        Easy jump start in this with my comment here

(v)            Try bsim here

(vi)        Try mobotsim here

(vii)    More on PID controller in this (the unclear text here, C++ source code here and C code here)

(viii)            Experiment with pid controller here

(ix)        Check out my old material on motion planning: 1 2 3 4 5

(x)            Observe the c-space for 2-joint arm using this link

(xi)        Play with a simple motion planning applet here