Brief description of the papers and articles in the Reading List

I expect you to read these articles and try to understand them. Read them by yourself first and then ask for help from your friends or from me (in class). Hint: I do not know all and may not be able to answer all of your questions.  However, I can use these in the Midterm examination.

My articles (in Thai) in Dailynews newspaper: column 1001

·         Fundamental of Information Systems: Distinctions between computers, IT, and IS. HERE

·         Moore’s Law HERE

·         Advances in display technology HERE

·         Impact of tablets (i.e. iPad): pros and cons

·         Advance in networking: complaints HERE and HERE and impact

·         Dark side of biometrics HERE

Advances in user interface

·         Multi-touch – Pay attention to use of multitouch in movies. Watch them.

·         Very advanced.  Science Fiction. Using contact lens for display screen. HERE

Big law firm deploys iPad HERE
References for Assignment # 2 (on Data)

·         Idea about Big Data from Wiki HERE and from IEEE Spectrum HERE (These will be used as the basis for the Assignment)

·         Units of Data HERE (bit byte megabyte upto yottabyte – You should try to remember these terms)

Lucky’s articles

·         Your identity on the Net HERE (or How to write your resume)

·         Concerning privacy in the age of pervasive network HERE (or Reality Show)

Concept of “Singularity” by Vernor Vinge HERE

This article introduces the concept of rapid pace in technological advances which will greatly (and disruptively) change the face of the earth. This article is VERY difficult.  Be warned!

Yunyong.jpg2110213 Information Systems Organization (ISO)
Dr. Yunyong Teng-amnuay
Information Systems Engineering Laboratory (ISEL)
Dept. of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok, Thailand

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