Last Update: 2 December 2002

6/98 - Present

Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Chulalongkorn University

Teach undergraduate-level and graduate-level courses. Specialize in system software, computer network, web-based technology development, performance evaluation, and parallel architecture.

11/99 - Present

Motif Technology Co., Ltd.

Provide consulting in technology and infrastructure development. Specialize in network and Internet technology.

10/00 - 10/01

Public Relation Department
Royal Thai Government

Provide consulting in information technology for the Public Relation Department. Specialize in system and network technology.


02/99 – 12/99

MFEC Co., Ltd.

Provide consulting in performance evaluation and infrastructure development. Participate in AIS OLAP performance tuning and the Service-on-the-Net project.


07/96 - 05/98

System Administration Staff
MSU Agricultural Weather Office
Department of Geography
Michigan State University

Maintain hardware and software consisted of Sun-Ultra 1, Sparc20 and Sparc5 workstations plus some peripherals such as satellite modem, etc. All workstations serve as a web server, a weather data decoder, and a data collector for automated stations.


05/95 - 08/97

System Administration Staff
Department of Computer Science
Michigan State University

Maintain hardware and software for over 150 workstations and more than 500 user accounts.


12/94 - 12/94

Student Volunteer
Washington DC

Organize the parallel processing conference.


09/93 - 09/94

Vice President
Thai MSU Student Association
Michigan State University


07/92 - 08/92

System Programmer (special project)
Microsoft Corp. and MicroWiz Co., Ltd.

A special joint project between Microsoft and MicroWiz to add Thai language features to Microsoft Word for Windows (using C).


04/92 - 07/92 Research Assistant
Tools for Parallel Compiler System
with Dr. L. M. Ni (Michigan State University)

Real-Time Communication Channel Allocation
with Dr. M. W. Mutka (Michigan State University)


10/89 - 07/91

System Programm (part-time)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
Technical Information Access Center
MicroWiz, Co. LTD. (Thailand)
Advance Infotech, Co. LTD. (Thailand)
Olympia (Thailand), Co. LTD.


03/89 - 06/89

System Programmer (summer internship)
Thai International Airways