2110452  High Performance Architecture

1st semester 2019

Eng building 3, room 3406, Wed 13:00-16:00

Multicore processor
Graphic Processing Units
Quantum computers

addtional topic:   interrupt 


projects  3 x 20 = 60%
final  40%


OS concepts
Multi-task OS  (MOS)      semaphore video
Multicore processor    Multicore programming
Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)
Quantum Computers
Benchmarking quantum computer (ppt)  
Google claims Quantum Supremacy (news)

Interrupt and its programming
example interrupt mode program:   (in Rz)  demo-rz.txt

Next week

Please prepare your machine for next week in class activities

21 Aug    Aim: run two concurrent processes in S2 simulator. Tools required: S21 assembler, S2 simulator with interrupt. 
28 Aug    Do not have class.  I am going out to give a public talk (on AI and ML) for the treasury department.
27 Sept    Courseville page is open for register.  We will use this site to submit the projects.

. . .


MOS in S2 assembly mos2.txt
MOS in Rz   mos-rz2.txt   (with example of writer/reader)
S21 simulator and assembler  s21-3.zip  (latest update 24 Jan 2017)
I use Rz language as an example language.  See my Rz language homepage
Tools for interrupt programming   iot-rz-17.zip
Multi-core simulator    s30-6.zip
Compiler rz for s30  rz40.zip
GPU simulator  npsim4-1.zip

Recommended free C compiler for Windows lcc-win32 . (for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).  Please also download and install "User Manual". You need it to look up the library function of this C.  (for OS X you need xcode, also free).


14 Aug   Read mos2.txt.  Reference to S2 instruction setS2 version 1 processor
21 Aug   Run the demo on mos-rz2.txt.  Try multiprocessor simulator (s30).
  . . .


1.  One possible project is the implement mos-rz2.txt on multicore.
2.  Write benchmark program for Q sytem run it against S2.
. . .

Additional information

If you want to read the yet unseen paper from Google here it is Quantum Supremacy  (Warning:  the level of presentation is not for undergrad.  but who knows?)

Pictures of the experiment Qubit with Rubidium atom  at Center of excellence in physics, Chiengmai University. (September 2019)

rubidium atom

 A good dicussion of Quantum Supremacy and the future of quantum computing


last update 31 Oct 2019