Aim of Life

To be able to make students understand what I teach and see them go out to the world with full potential. (I found this very hard to do, but I'll do it.)

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Guess which cartoon(s) this comes from (in thai I'm afraid).

A list of Computer and Sceince- related anime that I think every science student should watch.

Memorable Moments in Life

·         Why I love my dog so much

On 12 Dec 2002, around 9.30pm at night, I was eating dinner when a bone got stuck between my teeth. I was very uncomfortable and tried hard to remove it. Suddenly my dog (her name is Meji) started barking loudly and continuously. Being uncomfortable with the bone and her barking, I yelled at her. But she continued barking and ran around.... and finally I knew..... she was trying to bring my father to help me....I  was almost in tears. I had yelled at her not realizing her love for me. I felt very sorry....What if the bone got stuck in my throat instead..... She could have saved my life........ I apologized and thanked her and hug her dearly. She seemed to understand too :). Some people (and even me sometimes)  think dog is only a pet, but I won't think like that any more. My dog is a family member and we love each other very much.  

·         The cartoon I missed so much

On Saturday 15 th February 2003. I was walking around at MBK shopping mall. I saw a shop playing a DVD cartoon. I was so impress with the cartoon. It's more than 10 years old now, but the new episodes have just come out. And the quality has not changed one bit. It was my favourite cartoon when I was a kid. It's inspired me and introduced me to the thinking of NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. It's Saint Seiya! Click HERE to view a movie (9 meg) of the opening song for the Hades saga, the one just released.

·         Strange man on a rainy night

On Thursday 13 th March 2003. I got caught in heavy rain at the back of the university (Henry Dunan road). I had to go in the Satit Patumwan school to avoid the rain. It was around 8.00pm when I saw a man, a rather big man, with an umbrella walking towards the sky train station. He was a complete stranger. I decided to asked him whether I can tag along under his umbrella. He allowed me, with somewhat overactive welcoming reaction. He pulled me under the umbrella with him and held my hand as he walked with me to the station. I was shocked, but still intended to go home as soon as possible so I didn't run (but don't do this if you are in my situation. It's too dangerous). He took a short cut through the faculty of vetenarion. I was even more scared because there was virtually no one there. Luckily  there was a security guard along the way. It made me feel better. But he still held my hand, so I tried to avoid by volunteering to hold the umbrella for him (so my hand could be free). But it got worse, he put his arm around my back instead. I was frightened. I examined him so that I knew the possible angle he might attack and the possible way to jump free. There was more to this strange encounter. He started to talk about dead students from the university. He told me about  an engineering student who committed suicide 14 years ago, and the death of his dentist girlfriend 7 years ago. He talked about dead people so much I began to wonder whether he was a real person -_- .......  Luckily nothing happened until I reached the train station.  

·         A real ghost story :P in Japan

It happened when I was in Japan. During the last few days before I came back to Bangkok, I and other teachers moved to Tokyo. On the first night there, we stayed in a hotel. I got a room for myself. I was ready to go to bed that night, when I saw some buttons on my bed. One button read “Night”. I was wondering what it was and pressed that button. Suddenly, the bed shook rather violently.

“What! Is this what I think it is? It’s for XXX!???”

I pressed another button, and it stopped.

“OK… never thought ordinary hotel would have something like this” I lied down.

Suddenly, it started shaking again. The vibration on the bed started from my feet, then it moved to my legs, and to my body. This was surely not mechanical. The only thing that could cause it was…a ghost!!!

I jumped out of the bed and brought out Buddha images hung around my neck. I prayed and prayed and prayed.

A phone rang. I picked it up.

In the phone, there was a voice… thai…..


“What are you doing, Toe. Come down. Don’t you know there is an earthquake?”



Sometimes we feel lonely,
Sometimes we feel bright,
We all seek comfort,
In our lonely night,

When you feel lonely,
When you feel fright,
I will be there,
Be your shining light.



Copyright ©2002

Vishnu Kotrajaras

Time flies fast, time flies furious,
Be a bit more serious, about your time,


Time spent with someone, it can be short,
Make the most of it, or it will be lost.


Copyright ©2003

Vishnu Kotrajaras

Eva poem :P (from Pantip board, in thai)