Computer Engineering Definition

Computer Engineering is defined as the discipline that embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment. Computer engineering has traditionally been viewed as a combination of both computer science (CS) and electrical engineering (EE). It has evolved over the past three decades as a separate, although intimately related, discipline. Computer engineering is solidly grounded in the theories and principles of computing, mathematics, science, and engineering and it applies these theories and principles to solve technical problems through the design of computing hardware, software, networks, and processes.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Reference: Page 4


AskVidva : Computer Engineering

To know more about computer engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Please watch AskVidva : Chula Engineering Computer episode which will explain information and detail of computer engineering study and the department’s environment. (This video provided in Thai language only.)


Special Thanks:  AskVidva producer