Department of Computer Engineering offer any professional service or creative work requiring computer engineering education, training, and experience and the application of special knowledge of the computer engineering and sciences to such professional service or creative work as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, design and supervision of construction for the purpose of assuring compliance with the specifications and design, in conjunction with computer hardware and software systems, machines, equipment, works or processes.For many decades, the faculty members of Chula Engineering Computer have involved in many computer software and hardware engineering services and development projects for both government and private sectors such as Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thai Customs Department, Police Department (Now, Royal Thai Police), Royal Thai Air Force, Telephone Organization of Thailand (Now, TOT Public Company Limited), and etc.To success in development of computer software and hardware system, we provide several engineering services based on engineering methodology and standards. Our service concentrates on applying researches in computer engineering fields such as artificial intelligence, hardware systems design, software engineering, computer graphics, computer vision and image processing, algorithm design, information system engineering, and etc.To assist and accelerate indigenous computer software and hardware development in Thailand by strengthening its experience and expertise, through research, in both the theoretical foundations of computer engineering and its technical capability to deal with specific problems encountered by the Thai IT industry. We offers several engineering services wiht high standard and quality. Chula Engineering Computer are certified by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) and Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand as the 1st rank in computer and IT education and research in the country, and all full time faculty members and researchers are offered a competitive compensation package that includes some of the best benefit plans in the industry and continued training in their chosen field.


Why choose Chula Engineering Computer services ?

  • Cost Savings – We provides a cost efficient solution for your needs.
  • Flexible Solutions – We provides the right person at the right time for your project, contract or permanent support in all areas of IT, Engineering, Technical and Administrative.
  • Expert Knowledge – We faculty members understand your needs. We can assist you with your hiring requirements and strategic initiatives, whether long or short-term assignments.
  • Immediate Results – We personnel possess the technical and academic knowledge to “hit the ground running”. This means that you will have the experience and resources needed to quickly meet your project goals.

Whether your staffing needs are in Computer Engineering or Information Technology , We can supply you with quality services to meet those needs.


Consulting Service

We provides consulting solutions to a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Banking, Architectural, Government, Pharmaceutical, and Service Industries. Our faculty members and researchers are highly skilled professionals who have successfully passed a stringent, quality controlled working process.

Sample Projects

  • Communication Preparation Planning, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
  • New Software Engineering Plan for Enterprise by Service-oriented Architecture, SIPA


Training & Educational Service

Training Services provides professional computer hardware and software training and education. Classes make up the curriculum on the state-of-the-art technology in computer and IT. Custom and shorter courses are available upon request.

All of our courses are time-tested, evaluated periodically and revised whenever a newknowledge is released. We also provide an instructor evaluation at the conclusion of all courses to measure our success at providing the information and instruction that was needed by all students.

Sample Projects

  • Training Project on Courseware Design, Respond to Software Industry Development, Office of the Higher Education Commission
  • Educational Institute’s Human Resources Development for Embedded Software Industry, Chula Engineering Computer, UniNet Thailand, NECTEC, etc.
  • New Entrepreneurs Creation (NEC) Project, Energy or Environment Business Branch, the Department of Industry Promotion and Chula Engineering


Testing Service

We concentrate solely on testing software, business processes, and IT with the goal of helping our customers to achieve the benefits of their technology-enabled change faster. These are our approach,

  • Reduce the cost of change
    This covers both the overall cost of the full development lifecycle and the cost of all the testing activities, such as performance testing or user acceptance testing
  • Increase the speed of change
    This covers reducing the elapsed time spent testing and the time spent on remedial work and operational maintenance
  • Improve the governance of change
    This is achieved through better business alignment of the testing a company performs and better management information from the testing activities throughout the projects and programmes.


Planning and Development Service

Our department is committed to the orderly and safe development of computer hardware and software system through implementation of System, Application, Prototype, and MasterPlan Policies and regulation of IT development. In addition, the department seeks to provide responsive service to facilitate an efficient and effective IT development process that supports the growth, and economic development of informaton systems, applications, prototypes and Master Plan Policies.

Sample Projects

  • Computer System for “Khon” Dresses Design, Department of Fine Arts
  • Analysis of Traffic Stream Speed for Multiple Uses, NECTEC


How to contact us ?

You can directly contact our faculty members or laboratories matching with your interest. Also, you can contact Chula Engineering Computer by click here