Digital Systems 2022

first semester Aug-Sept 2022

lecture every Thursday 13-16, room 17-1, Eng Building 4 and online

Previous lecture   2021


The aim of this class is to provide fundamentals of modern computer systems and up-to-date knowledge of modern processors.  This class also include advanced topic: Quantum computing.

The content is divided into three parts:

1)  Fundamental of computer systems (computer architecture)
2)  Concurrency  (operating system)
3)  Programming Quantum computers


30% assigned class work (self study and others)
30% assigned project
40% final exam (writing report on selected topic)


Technology and performance 
Control unit  
RISC-V control sequence  
Cache memory  
Measuring cache performance 


Operating systems and task scheduling  basic OS concepts
Multitask-OS (MOS)  (in assembly)  mos2.txt  (in Rz)  mos-rz.txt

lecture from Matt Welsh, Harvard,   semaphores.pdf
semaphore:  demo from William Stallings, U. of Queensland
implementing semaphores      example  reader-writer mos-rz2.txt

IOT board (platform for interrupt programming)   demo-rz.txt
example of using IoT board (in Rz):  stopwatch

Quantum Computing

Introduction to Quantum Computing (pptx)  lecturer: Kamonluk Suksen
Quantum Algorithms  (pptx)  lecturer: Kamonluk Suksen


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Upload files “Lab-1.ipynb” and “Lab-2.ipynb” into IBM Quantum Lab.
"Lab-3.ipynb" ,  "Lab-4.ipynb"  and "Grover's algorithm.ipynb"


Introduction: Technology
Performance and Power
Instruction  part 1: RISC-V
Instruction  part 2: data, binary number, branch, instruction encoding
Arithmetic:  add, subtract, multiply, divide integers
RISC-V simulator  Demo online RISC-V interpreter.
Demo floating point arithmetic with Venus
Control signals (and RISC-V control sequence simulation).
Cache memory.

Multitask operating system: OS concept
Multitask operation system: Multitask OS
MOS demonstration

Standard textbook used in this class

Computer Organization and Design: The hardware/software interface (RISC-V edition)
D. Patterson, J. Hennessy, Morgan Kaufman, 2018.   link to Amazon 


IoT board:  Rz compiler, S21 assembler, simulator (with MOS and input):
MOS in Rz  mos-rz.txt 
MOS with semaphore   mos-rz2.txt
S21 with interrupt (assembler simulator and MOS)
rz40 (multicore) with sync

last update 18 Nov 2022