Introduction to Robotics


homework 1

homework 2

Final exam on October 4, 13.00.

/* password for all zip files are given in the class

09JUN05 Read this article by moravec pdf

15JUN05 Read about basic control in this

21JUN05 More on PID controller in this (the unclear text here)

C++ source code here and C code here

22JUN05 Check out my slides and lecture notes posted last year

from 19JUN04 to 23JUN04 in this

18JUL05 Read about moving ladder motion planning here

and about localization in this

Play with c-space for 2-joint robot using this link (I found one major bug, can you?)

26JUL05 Intro to moving ladder here

17AUG05 Homework 1 is out hw1

24AUG05 Homework 2 is out hw2

31AUG05 Midterm score here

08SEP05 Three papers to read: 1 2 3

For paper 3, also check out this

27SEP05 Reinforcement learning slide here

Force field power point here