2110607  Research Method (CS weekend)

Prabhas Chongstitvatana
Saturday 13:00-16:00
Eng building 4, floor 17, room 17-02

Doing research
Research in Computing
Finding topics
Formulate question
Literature review
Write up

How to write a good research paper

Writing a paper:
example of a research paper
format of a paper:  IEEE template
examples reviewer comment
examples of conference review forms
examples of journal review forms:  
How to give a good presentation
    two good pointers:
    for scientific presentation
    example of presentation slides


common types of plagiarism 
examples of plagiarism 
ways to avoid plagiarism


example of a complete thesis


1 Sept 2019  Select 5 papers to read related to your research topic.  Answer the following questions:
1) What is the motivation?
2) What is the contribution?
3) Why this is a good paper?
8 Sept 2019   Write a short research proposal contains the following section:
1) What is the topic?  Explain in details.
2) Why it is important?   Give motivation of this research. 
3)  Outline of your solution.  Write a general idea how you solve the problem.  Give references as necessary.
9 Nov   Format your paper into IEEE format.  Prepare to submit to our internal conference.

Post it on the courseville coursepage.


Mini Conference:  Research Method in Computer Science Conference  2019 ,  final proceeding

call for papers

Class attendees

conference attendees


Thiti Kongprasert, Prabhas Chongstitvatana, "Parameters Learning of BPS M7 Banknote Processing Machine for Banknote Fitness Classification," submitted to ICSEC 2019.  (paper pdf)

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