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THC's Research Collaborations
Current Collaborations:

  • Asst Prof. Dr. Supavadee Aramvith's Research Group at Chulalongkorn.
    Past Collaborations:

  • Asso Prof. Dr. Panmanus Sirisomboonwong at Agricultural Eng, KMITL.
  • Asst Prof. Dr. Pimpen Pornchalermpong at Food Eng, KMITL.
  • Prof. Dr. Larry S. Davis' Research Group at UMD.
  • Prof. Dr. Rama Chellappa's Research Group at UMD, USA. (HID Project, 2001)
  • Dr. Christopher R. Wren at MIT Media Lab, USA. (SIGGRAPH Shall We Dance Project, 1998)
  • Prof. Dr.Jun Ohya's Research Group at ATR, Japan. (Visiting research and SIGGRAPH Shall We Dance Project, 1997-1999)
  • Prof. Dr.Sukhan Lee's Research Group at USC, USA. (1994-1995)
    My Research Fellows @ CVL:

    This image was taken using thermal infrared camera in our lab. From left-right, top-bottom:
    - Prof. Dr. Dariu Gavrila (now at DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology, Germany)
    - myself
    - Dr. Vasanth Philomin (now at Philips Research, Germany)
    - Dr. Ismail Haritaoglu (now at IBM Research, USA)
    - Dr. Ross Cutler (now at Microsoft Research, USA)
    - Esin Darici Haritaoglu (now in USA)
    From left-right, top-bottom:
    - Dr. Ismail Harilaoglu
    - David Harwood
    - myself
    - Asst Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elgammal (now at Rutgers Univ)
    Not in the pictures: Yaser Yacoob, Kyungnum Kim, and others.

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