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To Prospective Students
My field of interest are Computer Vision, Image and Video Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Geometry, and Software Development.

Below is the outline of some research topics that I am interested in working with students, but are not limited to:

  • Human Motion Analysis and Recognition
  • Biometrics (Face recognition, Fingerprint recognition, etc.)
  • Multi-modal tracking
  • Evaluation Method for Detection and Tracking Algorithms
  • Document Analysis
  • Perceptual User Interface (PUI)
  • Multimedia Database Retrieval
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Mobile Imaging
  • Emerging Technologies

    You can also browse list of my advisee and their topics or visit my project page to get the idea what kind of projects I am happy to work with student.

    Students who are interested in working with me, please send me your proposals (through email). The proposal should at least contain the following information:
  • The topic(s) you are interested in
  • A brief description about it and/or your idea
  • Your background (For graduate students: what area of your previous degree(s), what kind of works you have been doing, etc. For undergrads, what subjects you keen on, etc.)
    Current Opening Topics: Currently, I am looking for students who are interested in working in these ongoing projects:
  • Text image analysis on mobile
  • Mobile applications for Low-VIsion
  • 3D Motion Capture
  • Thai Sign Language Recognition/Translation
  • Vision-based Surveillance system
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