2190250 Computer Architecture and Organization

2nd semester Jan 2020
classroom :  Tuesday  9:00-12:00, Eng y100,  room 404

Official syllabus


Computer evolution and performance; computer structure, function, and interconnection; memory hierarchy; cache memory; virtual memory; storage; input/output; operating system support; process; interrupt; system call; instruction set; processor structure and function; RISC vs CISC; pipelining; super-scalar processors; multi-core computers.


Today digital technology permeates every corner of our society. There are three big trends that shape our future. The first one is the coming of Artificial Intelligence.  The second one is the rise of Automation.  The last one the revolution of technology to transfer money.  These advancements rely on the power of computing. This class introduces an overview of modern computer system. The class is divided into two parts: the first one discusses fundamental of performance of the modern processor, the second part discusses how a processor works.


Fundamental of performance
memory hierarchy
instruction level parallelism
data parallelism
How a processor work
cpu cycle
simple cpu
assembly language
interrupt programming


  6 Jan 2020   start of the class
  17 Mar 2020  start of online lecture
  . . .


20%   homework
40%   midterm (2 hours)
40%   final (2 hours) 


part 1
          Introduction  pptx
Performance  Chapter 1
Memory Hierarchy  Chapter 2
Instruction level parallelism  Chapter 3
    Pipeline with quiz solutions
Data parallelism  Chapter 4
    lecture on data parallelism

part 2
          computer structure    my textbook chapter 1
          logic and instruction execution
          instruction set (from Stalling)
          S2 processor instruction and assembly language (pptx)
          S2 processor and instruction set (web)
          topics of assembly language programming
               lecture on assembly language programming
          high level language to assembly  
               interrupt programming, IoT board simulator
          Development of Graphics Processing Unit
Programming of Graphics Processing Unit    NPU webpage
General Purpose GPU applications
programming with CUDA (by Tongjai Yampaka)
link to video: Introduction to programming CUDA
prepare for final exam

Next week

21 Jan 2020   Next week we will continue the discussion on Cache memory and Virtual memory

11 Feb 2020  Next week we will discuss Data parallelism

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In class work

7 Jan 2020   Exploring the design decisions.  Cost of fabrication of computer chips  ( pdf )

21 Jan 2020   Comparing the performance of three machines. (link to the main story) ( pdf )

. . .


Tools for interrupt programming    iot-rz-19.zip  (for Windows)   xtest.zip  (for Mac, executable only)
Tools for assembly language programming    s21-3.zip
NPU assembler and simulator tools  npsim4-1.zip


24 March  Write two programs in assembly language.  See Assignment in Courseville for details. (due 4pm 27 Mar)
31 March  Use the software tools provided and play with it.  Try running the demo programs showed in the class.  (no submission)
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Additional information

Reference textbook:  Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach 5th Edition by John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson, Morgan Kaufmann, 2011. For the latest edition of this book  link to Amazon

William Stalling, Computer Organization and Architecture, latest edition   link to Amazon

Chongstitvatana, P., "Computer Architecture: a synthesis approach", 2002.

Transistor level simulation of an antique CPU.  6502 is used in the iconic Apple II machine.

last update 20 Apr 2020