My former graduate students

Prabhas Chongstitvatana

  This is the list of my students whom I am the main advisor.   Links are referenced to the full-text in the main library of Chulalongkorn university or a local copy. Some articles are on cataloging and some are missing.


  1. Rachaporn Keinprasit, High-level synthesis by evolutionary algorithms, Ph.D. 2002. (English)
  2. Worasait Suwannik, Improving the robustness of evolved robot programs, Ph.D. 2003. (English)
  3. Yodthong Rodkaew, An algorithm for generating plant model, Ph.D. 2003.
  4. Chaiwat Jassadapakorn, Diversity control in genetic algorithms by preference mating, Ph.D.  2004.
  5. Shisanu Thongchim, Adaptive parameter control in genetic algorithms, Ph.D.  2004.(English)
  6. Chatchawit Aporntewan, Building-block identification by simultaneity matrix, Ph.D.  2004. (English)
  7. Supot Hengpraprohm, Ensemble genetic programming classifier for microarray data, Ph.D.  2008.
  8. Sunisa Rimcharoen, Real options approach to evaluating genetic algorithms, Ph.D. 2008. (English)
  9. Yutana Jewajinda, Cellular Compact GA as Evolvable Hardware, Ph.D.  2008. (English)
  10. Chalermsap Sankavijit, Building blocks identification and composition in estimation of distribution algorithm, Ph.D.  2009.
  11. Jiradej Ponsawat, Building Blocks in Evolutionary Computation for Solving Multi-objective Problems, Ph.D. 2009.
  12. Warin Wattanapornprom, Hybrid positive and negative correlation learning in estimation of distribution algorithm for combinatorial optimization problems, Ph.D., 2011. (English)
  13. Alongkot Burutarchanai, Computation pipeline for Expectation Maximization of Admixture Calculation by Field Programmable Gate Array, Ph.D. 2012. (English).
  14. Peera Thontirawong, Optimizing Cache for Flash Translation Layer, Ph.D. 2014.
  15. Raschada Nootjarat, The project manager centrality in effecting software development team performance, Ph.D in Information Technology in Business, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University, 2015. (co-advise with Wachara Chantatub of Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy).
  16. Warisa Sritriratanarak, Data reusability prediction for cache bypassing, Ph.D. 2015. (Mongkol Ekpanyapong, co-advisor).  (draft, English)
  17. Rungsun Kiatpanont, An innovative process for managing cloudsourced information during disaster, Ph.D. (Technopreneourship and innovation management program), 2016. (Uthai Tanlamai, main advisor, co-adivor Prabhas Chongstitvatana, Achara Chandrachai)
  18. Peerajak Witoonchart, Structured SVM Backpropagation to Convolutional Neural Network Applying to Human Pose Estimation, Ph.D., 2016. (English) (abstract)
  19. Supawadee Srikamdee. Prediction of RNA secondary structure using evolutionary algorithm, Ph.D. (English), 2018.
  20. Supanya Aphiwongsophon, Detecting fake news with machine learning method, Ph.D., 2019.
  21. Julthep Nandakwang, Extraction of tables and lists on the web to RDF, Ph.D., 2020.
  22. Tongjai Yampaka, Multi-evidence Learning for Medical Diagnosis, Ph.D, 2020. (English)
  23. Kamonluk Suksen,  Quantum Compact Genetic Algorithm for Hard Problems, Ph.D. 2021, (English abstract)
  24. Tawan (coming soon)
  25.    . . .


  1. Jumpol Polvichai, Robot Learning by genetic programming, M Eng, 1996.
  2. Sukitti Punak, A hardware design of modified Canny edge detection algorithm, M Sc, 1996.
  3. Somsak Ruammahasap, Development of a concurrent processing language translator, M Sc, 1996.
  4. Meelarp Ruangratanawicha, An implementation of a speech compression algorithm by digital signal processing, M Sc, 1996.
  5. Primas Taechashong, A VLSI design of a load/store unit for a RISC processor, M Eng, 1998.
  6. Chaiwat Jassadapakorn, Reduction of computational effort in genetic programming learning method, M Sc, 1997.
  7. Roongroj Nopsuwanchai, Improving evolutionary process in the genetic programming for generating a robust solution to the robot navigation problem, M Sc, 1998.
  8. Maria Prateeptongkum, Improvement of robustness of a genetic programming learning method by parameters tuning for the robot navigation problem, M Sc, 1998.
  9. Yodthong Rodkaew, Visualization of data during an evolution of solutions from genetic programming, M Sc, 1999.
  10. Chatchawit Aporntewan, A mimetic evolvable hardware for sequential circuits, M Eng, 1999.
  11. Shisanu Tongchim, Parallelization of genetic programming and genetic algorithm for robot problems, M Eng, 1999.
  12. Kanitta Hutamekalin, Impact of the initial tree size on computational effort in genetic programming, M Sc, 1999.
  13. Thanut Sukkarnjanonth, Improving robustness of robot programs by using perturbation and randomness in the genetic programming, M Sc, 2000.
  14. Kata Praditwong, An adaptive image Jacobian by evolution for a robot arm in three dimensions, M Sc, 2001.
  15. Chanchai Chaisukkosol, Automatic synthesis of robot programs for a biped static walker by evolutionary computation, M Eng, 2001.
  16. Supot Hengpraprom, A crossover in genetic programming for robot programs, M Sc, 2001.
  17. Prapon Bavonparadon, Formal verification at a register transfer level of a processor by symbolic model checking, M Eng, 2002.
  18. Nattee Niparnan, A genetic algorithm for finite state machine inference, M Eng, 2002. (English)
  19. Warin Wattanapornprom, A parallel processing system for a BLAST program, M Sc, 2003.
  20. Jiradej Ponsawat, Genetic algorithm with local search for three dimensional bin packing problem, M Eng, 2003.
  21. Chalermsap Sankavijit, Prevention and reduction of errors in motor control programming, M Sc, 2003
  22. Preeda Lerdpongvipoosana, Design and construction of a biped walker and synthesis of walking programs, M Eng, 2003.
  23. Phanupan Nanthanavoot, Code-size reduction for embedded systems using a bytecode translator circuit, M Eng, 2004.
  24. Sunisa Rimcharoen,  An adaptation of evolution strategies for time series forecasting, M Sc, 2004. (I am the co-advisor with Aj. Daricha Suteewong)
  25. Suwat Thadawut,  Thalassemia diagnosis system by decision table, M Sc, 2004.
  26. Pasut Seeluangsawat, Multiple sequence alignment using evolutionary algorithms, M Eng, 2004.
  27. Alongkot Burutachanai, Design of an embedded processor for internet applications with ICMP protocol, M Eng, 2005.
  28. Pariwat Keosatit, Image Jacobian estimation for visual servo systems using evolutionary strategy with Taylor polynomial approximation, M Sc, 2005.
  29. Chalermpong Satayavibul, A Design of 32-bit Processor with Instruction Packing, M.Eng., 2006.
  30. Jenchote Sripornprasert, A design of reconfigurable AES encryption circuit, M.Eng., 2006.
  31. Peera Thontirawong, Design of dynamically reconfigurable AES encryption circuit, M.Eng., 2007. ( abstract )
  32. Putita Sumanon, Major SNPs Sequence Assembling Simulation of Dengue Virus Genome, M Eng, 2008.
  33. Chanin Chanma, Protein homology search tool through hydrophobic cluster alignment with local search, M Eng, 2009.
  34. Chedtha Puncreobutr, Modeling lead-free solder alloy properties using hybrid evolutionary algorithms, M Eng, 2009.
  35. Tongjai Yampaka, Spatial join operation for spatial database with R-tree technique on graphics processing unit, M.Sc., 2011.
  36. Anotai Siltepavet, A model for improving quality of product HGA in harddisk manufactuing by decision tree technique, M.Sc., 2011. (I am the co-advisor, with Aj. Sukree Sinthupinyo).
  37. Thitipun Tongsiri, An Implementation of Coincidence Algorithm on Graphics Processing Units, M.Sc., 2011.
  38. Weerajit Srimook, An Implementation of Coincidence Algorithm on Multi-core processors, M.Sc., 2011.
  39. Watana Pornsoongsong, A code generator for parallel programs for multi-core microcontrollers, M.Eng., 2011.
  40. Kiatsopon Waipara, Solving Sudoku Problems by Coincidence Algorithm, M.Eng., 2012.
  41. Nutchawat Ploywattanawong, Repair Algorithms with Tolerance Relaxation for Optimization Problems, M.Eng., 2012.
  42. Angkhan Chiewkijwutthikul, Scheduling Tasks in Real-Time Operating Systems on Multi Core Microprocessors, M.Sc., 2012.
  43. Julthep Nandakwang, Mind Map Based Semantic Web Browser, M.Sc., 2012.
  44. Kamonluk Suksen, Web based client-side compiler, M.Eng., 2013.
  45. Rathvanit Chamnan, Optimization method for handling inventory cash of ATM center, M.Sc., 2013.
  46. Supachai Thongsuk, An implementation of AES algorithm on multicore processors to improve efficiency, M.Sc., 2013.
  47. Pairoj Klypetch, A method to measure the color of the printed banknotes using digital image processing to optimize print quality, M.Sc., 2013.
  48. Anig Yuensiri, Applying social networks to workflow system for increasing of worker's motivation, M.Sc., 2013.
  49. Nikorn Manus, Development of a parallel compiler for multi-core microcontroller, M.Sc., 2013.
  50. Ornrumpha Srimongkolkul, Minimizing Makespan using Node-Based Coincidence Algorithm in the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem, M. Eng., 2014.
  51. Nathapat Gaviphatt, Application of Evolution Algorithms to Aluminium Alloy Casting Porosity Prediction Function, M. Eng., 2014.
  52. Wisarut Sukarin, Classification of Clothing Types, M. Sc., 2015.
  53. Thanatarn Pattarakavin, Detection of Machines Anomaly from Log Files in Hard Disk Manufacturing Process, M. Sc. (SE), 2016. 
  54. Roekrawee Panluka, A Tool for Conditions Testing in Marketing Campaign, Master project (SE), 2016.
  55. Parinya Wichawong, Knowledge management system for failure analysis in hard disk using case-based reasoning, M.Sc. (SE), 2016. (abstract)
  56. Masayuti Simongyi, Machine Learning Methods for Abnormality Detection in Hard Disk Drive Assembly Process, M.Sc. (CS), 2018.
  57. Orakanya Gateratanakul, Knowledge sharing in cooperative compact genetic algorithm (English), M. Eng., 2019.
  58. Teeranai Sriparkdee, Classification of risk attitudes from customer behavior with machine learning (English), M.Sc. (CS), 2019.
  59. Maylada Pootisirakorn, Failure prediction in open-hole wireline logging of oil and gas drilling operation using support vector machine (English), M.Sc. (CS), 2019.
  60. Thiti Kongprasert, Parameters Learning of BPS M7 banknote processing machine for banknote fitness classification by Support Vector Machine, M.Sc. (CS), 2019.
  61. Patsuda Vittayanonaketavee, Automatic Functional Specification Document Generation from Business Requirement Document, M.Sc. (CS), 2019.
  62. Naphan Benchasattabuse, Quantum comparator circuit on superconducting quantum computer, M.Eng, 2019. (English)
  63. Supachai Jiamwijitkul, Monitoring system for air traffic service inter-facility data communication message, M.Sc. (CS), 2020.
  64. Suriya Chayatummagoon, Image classification of sugar crystal with deep learning, Master project (SE), 2020.
  65. Thanaphat Patravinij, Prediction of Early Failure of TOC Analyzer using Deep Learning, M.Sc. (CS), 2020. (TOC = total organic carbon analyzer) 
  66. Chonbadee Juthamanee, Token Allocation for Courses Bidding with Machine Learning Method, M.Sc. (CS), 2020.
  67. Wiphoo Methachawalit, Quantum circuits for Shor's algorithm, M.Eng., 2021.
  68. Hassapol Thummikarat, Parkinson's disease diagnosis using machine learning, M.Eng., 2021.
  69. Singhadid Chantaruk, Forecasting the Quantity and Concentration of Flocculant in Clarification Process for Sugarcane Industry, M.Eng, 2021
  70. Chotika Imvimol, Sentiment analysis of messages on Twitter related to COVID-19 using deep learning approach, M.Sc. (CS), 2021.
  71. Chayuth Vithitsoontorn, Demand forecasting in production planning for dairy products using machine learning and statistical method, M.Sc. (CS), 2021.
  72. Suraphan Laokondee, Quantum neuron network model for regression problems, M.Eng., 2021.
  73. Jessada Weeradetkumpon, Effects of tag SNP selection on gene set enrichment analysis of KEGG signalling pathways in genome-wide association studies, M.Sc. (CS), 2021.
  74. Arunee Sridee, Applying machine learning techniques to detect failure in hard disk drive test process, M.Sc. (CS), 2021.
  75. Chaiyasit Pattanasuwan, Screening Tuberculosis using deep transfer learning, M.Sc. (CS), 2021.
  76. Phenphitcha Patthanajitsilp, Detection of obstacles for electric wheelchair with computer vision, M.Sc. (CS), 2021.
  77. Siratee Vorathamthongdee, Predictive analysis of COVID-19 patients in Thailand using multiple countries data, M.Sc. (CS), 2023.
  78. Thanatchaporn Sri-art, The optimal course bidding strategy under limited resource constraint using genetic algorithm, M.Sc. (CS), 2023.
  79. Natchapol Thongruang, NFT-based authentic product verification and trading platform, (English), M.Sc. (CS), 2023
  80.   . . .  

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