2190250 Computer Architecture and Organization

2nd semester Jan-May 2024
classroom :  Tuesday  9:00-12:00 room 302 ISE

Official syllabus


Computer evolution and performance; computer structure, function, and interconnection; memory hierarchy; cache memory; virtual memory; storage; input/output; operating system support; process; interrupt; system call; instruction set; processor structure and function; pipelining; super-scalar processors; multi-core computers.


Today digital technology permeates every corner of our society. There are three big trends that shape our future. The first one is the coming of Artificial Intelligence.  The second one is the rise of Automation.  The last one the revolution of technology to transfer money.  These advancements rely on the power of computing. This class introduces an overview of modern computer systems.


Computer Technology
Graphic Processing Unit
Quantum computing


  9 Jan 2024   start of the class 

  . . .


40%   in-class work,   simple question at break,  homework
30%   midterm (1:30 hours)  around first week of March
30%   final (2 hours) 


Computer Technology


<midterm exam>

Basics hardware


Graphic Processing Unit

Quantum Computing (optional, NOT in final exam)



  1. Introduction: Technology    https://youtu.be/_S8QKZsT3wk 
  2. Performance and Power   (2023)  https://youtu.be/LfeKCRZ4Zhg
  3. RISC-V instruction set (2023) https://youtu.be/LLopfT1eLoU
  4. RISC-V assembly language programming (2023)  https://youtu.be/lT9PctFVfeI
  5. Integer arithmetic (2023)  https://youtu.be/Qh2dxCNVuQg
  6. Floating point arithmetic (2023)  https://youtu.be/hdi98kYub30
  7. Processor: datapath (2023) https://youtu.be/JHxIDFGUPtc
  8. Processor: control  (2023)  https://youtu.be/7YkipmN2Ras
  9. Detailed control sequence of RISC-V with timing diagram  https://youtu.be/4Sal1Goe2WE
  10. RISC-V simulator with controls. (including demo)  https://youtu.be/YI43OAhvTOw
  11. How to add a new instruction to RISC-V simulator  https://youtu.be/YoYxkNfTs9g
  12. Basic pipeline  https://youtu.be/6N4sa9y7fz4
  13. Branch prediction. https://youtu.be/SEKx0IAdBac
  14. Pipeline implementation https://youtu.be/m-X_oxCD95o
  15. Logic circuit:  Basic  https://youtu.be/qXi-N4q9q7I
  16. Logic circuit:  Sequential   https://youtu.be/bZcX__9B7AY
  17. Logic circuit:  Vending machine   https://youtu.be/6a5wI-6unAw
  18. . . .


Tools for assembly language programming

Venus, RISC-V online interpreter
Compiler Explorer   select "RISC-V riscv32gcc" compiler 

Andrew Waterman, Krste Asaovic (eds), The RISC-V instruction set manual, volume 1: User-level ISA, version 2.2 (2017)  ( pdf )

Logic design tool:  LogicWork5   tutorial   
Cache simulation  trx,zip    cache-py.txt
GPU simulator (NPU)  npsim4.zip   (for Windows)   xnpu4.zip  (for MacOS)  windows executable (asm4.exe and sim4.exe zip )


see Assignment in myCourseVille of the class

Additional information

IEEE 754 number converter  (2023)
Transistor level simulation of an antique CPU:  6502 used in the iconic Apple II machine   http://visual6502.org/JSSim/index.html

Reference textbook

Computer Organization and Design: The hardware/software interface (RISC-V edition) 2nd edition,
D. Patterson, J. Hennessy, Morgan Kaufman, 2020.  link to Amazon

last update 13 March 2024